Read about the successful outcomes directly from owners we have worked with:

“Our business, founded in 1933 by my father, had provided a very comfortable life style for my wife and I for forty years. As we reached our 70’s, we decided that it was time to retire. However, when we thought about selling, we immediately realized that we had a very big problem…our business fit into a very small nitch with a very small pool of potential buyers, and we needed help. We first talked with a broker who had been recommended to us, but he didn’t seem interested in learning about our niche, and how to market the business. Then, karma happened when we found Bob Grewal. What a pleasure!  Bob studied our business, and vetted several prospective buyers for seven months!  Our greatest priority was finding a buyer who not only understood our business, but would also protect the future of our employees and continue the tradition of the company. Throughout the process, Bob never gave up…he kept working for us until the RIGHT buyer was found. He also worked with our attorney and accountant to insure that we had the best possible deal. He always remained calm and collected, even through we were sometimes pulling our hair out. His demeanor made the process as stress-free as it could possibly be and he also negotiated with the buyer in a determined enough way that made our outcome better than we had planned on. If we had another business to sell, Bob would be our man!”

-BD & JD, Speciality Manufacturer

“I had owned a business for over 15 years and was really ready to sell it.  I needed someone who I could work well with, trust to find the right buyer and be completely honest in what it would take to sell the company. Bob came to me by way of a referral and I have to say I could not have been happier with the service he provided me.  He found the perfect buyer and worked with me through the whole process.  Even though I know he has other clients I always felt like I was his only client. He was always available and ready to help with whatever was needed to get the deal done. High integrity, honest, hard working, diplomatic, and the ability to make a tedious process fun are all words I would use to describe Bob. I could not be happier with the outcome of the sale of my business and would refer Bob without hesitation to anyone looking to sell their company.”

-LB, Consumer Services Franchisor

“We still feel lucky that we found Seapoint Business Advisors. We interviewed quite a few advisors before selecting the one who we felt would truly represent us and our company. Bob at Seapoint immediately made us feel comfortable. We knew that if we enjoyed working with Bob and trusted him then our buyers would too. He just had a way of dealing with people that we hadn’t seen in any of the other brokers that we interviewed. Bob supported us every step of the way and was extremely helpful getting our financials in order and preparing our company for sale. He was never more than a phone call away and we could always rely on him to get back to us quickly even if he wasn’t immediately available. Our sale went smoothly thanks to Bob and he handled bumps in the road like the true professional he is. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Seapoint Business Advisors again and would always recommend Bob to anyone thinking of selling their company.”

-J.H. & H.H., Specialty Online Business

“When I decided to sell the business, I had no idea on where to start.  I got turned onto Kevin at Seapoint by a friend who had just successfully sold his business utilizing Kevin’s services.  Calling Kevin was the BEST move I made!  He walked me step-by-step through the entire process!  He is very passionate about what he does and he is always easily accessible.  Take my word and call Kevin if you are thinking about selling your business. “

– Justus N., Health & Fitness Company

“Kevin‘s assistance with the sale of my business was invaluable. I was a bit skeptical about the process and not really sure if selling my business was worth the effort. Kevin made the process relatively painless with his indefatigable support. From finding and qualifying potential buyers, preparing financials and facilitating due diligence through the closing, Kevin‘s reasonable fee was worth every penny!”

– Scott P., Health & Fitness Company

“Kevin was professional and knowledgeable during the business search, negotiation, and closing processes. He is easy to work with while persevering through any challenge. Kevin helped me change my professional life as he helped me get into a business I’ve always wanted to be in. I would be happy to work with him again and consider him a friend.”

– Matt K., Health & Fitness Company

“Having attempted to sell my company through a variety of methods with little or no success, I came across Bob Grewal at Seapoint Business Advisors. He responded to my request for a meeting within twenty-four hours. Within a short time, he reviewed the financials and understood the nature of my clientele, which was rather specialized and unusual; he had established a value and began contacting potential purchasers. He arranged and attended meetings, and gave me valuable advice throughout the process. Bob is a very smart guy, both in intellect and appearance and comes across as a very capable and knowledgeable professional. If you are considering selling your business, especially, as in my case it has been a labor of love, you could do no better than to work with Bob at Seapoint.”

-Rob C., Manufacturing Company

“I was a recent seller of our statewide Internet service company and the president for the past 15 years. I can only heap praise and accolades on the critical processes of Bob Grewal and the way he created the most professional and trustworthy methods in selling our company. Mr. Grewal found a willing buyer, brought both parties together in remarkable fairness and fulfillment in his fiduciary responsibilities.  Bob was completely and constantly on top of all aspects of the sale, and created a congenial environment with numerous ideas on solving any problem.  His knowledge of accounting, balance sheets, corporate ledgers and P&L documents was an absolute 10.
One of the many qualities that made the sale of our company enjoyable and swift was Bob’s ever-present advice and knowledge of the business.  Bob learned more than anyone could expect in a very short time and was always “right on” when it came to any technical issue of our industry.  Having had many conversations with Mr. Grewal and his staff, I was amazed at his knowledge of many other industries. If any company is looking to have a completely reliable M&A professional to ‘take care of business’, then look no further than Bob Grewal and Seapoint Business Advisors.  He is the honest real thing.”

-Mike A., Internet Technology Company

“I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in selling my outpatient physical therapy practice. I had the practice for 34 years but never had a defined exit strategy. I had resigned myself to the fact I would probably just end up closing the doors when I retire. I had no idea of how to market or establish a value for the practice but it was obvious after our first meeting, that you had a good understanding of how to do both. You were able to find a buyer through your marketing process in a very short period of time. I feel that you not only established a fair market value for the practice buy were also excellent at negotiating with the potential buyer to get the best price.
Once the price had been agreed upon by both the buyer and myself you were knowledgeable in all of the aspects of obtaining financing for the buyer. As we entered escrow, you were extremely helpful in navigating through all of the intricacies that need to be addressed in that process in order to protect my interests. I appreciate that even after escrow closed, you were available and helpful in taking care of some final details that needed to be completed through escrow. Bob, you always maintained the highest professionalism and were always available to answer questions or give advice. It was a real pleasure to work with you and I will certainly recommend you to any of the other physical therapists who may be interested in selling their practice.”

-Gerry N., Medical Practice Owner

“Bob has been wonderful to work with and has a comprehensive grasp on buying and selling businesses, various ways to value them, and excellent negotiating skills.  I like his common sense honest style and that he doesn’t play any games.  I think he would be an excellent representative for you that you can trust.”

-Robert L., Technology Services Company

“The process had some ups and downs like nearly all of them will. In fact, at one point the deal completely fell apart for reasons that had nothing to do with Bob. He was able to bring both me and the buyer back to the table to address the issues. Because of Bob, we got the deal done. Bob has the perfect mix of competence, tenacity and perseverance to achieve a successful sale. In fact, I am interested in working with him again when I am ready to sell another one of my companies.”

-Martin T. , Business Services Company

“Kevin was excellent from start to finish. He was very responsive and extremely motivated to help push my deal through. He was also very patient when external circumstances related to the approval of my E-2 visa forced things to slow down. I would be very happy to work with him again and have no reservations about recommending him.”

– Richard B., Health & Fitness Company